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Displaying 5 Luxury Properties in Barbados.

Barbados Vacation Rentals

The unique and beautiful Barbados occupies one of the luckier locations in the sublime Caribbean. Sitting outside of the notorious hurricane alley – the rather dramatic name given to the pathway that hurricanes can take across the Caribbean – Barbados avoids some of the more extreme weather spikes than can sometimes occur in this corner of the globe.

Located in the Eastern Caribbean with a western shore that meets the Atlantic, this island nation, part of the British Commonwealth group of countries, has been wooing visitors for decades. It’s easy to see why

Why Barbados?

First, the climate is mild all year round with exceptional warm conditions during the winter months – making it an ideal destination for anyone in Europe or North America who wants to avoid the damp and icy winter season.

Second, the beaches of Barbados have all of the qualities of paradise that one would wish for: powder fine white sands, shallow shorelines that make swimming, paddle boarding and snorkelling safe and easy for visitors of all ages, tall palm trees. Depending on your luxury villa’s orientation, you can sit back and watch your turquoise horizon move to a dazzling peachy gold at dawn or dusk.

Third, the Barbados vacation rentals are of such a high standard of luxury it makes it a very pleasurable chore to try to choose from such a brilliant array of luxury villas in Barbados. Per square mile, there are probably more beautiful, spacious villas with the best in interior design features than anywhere else in the world.

Added to these three key components, are the other factors that make Barbados the number one choice in the Caribbean for a glamorous and luxurious vacation. Namely, easy of access to Barbados from both Europe and North America with direct flight services from all of the major centres. The welcoming and friendly nature of the local population who value their tourist visitors. Duty free shopping, historic tours, golf, fishing, sampling some of the best rum in the world, delicious cuisine …. and on and on.

Honeymoon Heaven

Barbados is considered one of the ideal locations for those honeymooners looking for the perfect location for a romantic getaway. Regardless of whether you are a first-time matrimonial enthusiast or an optimistic and more seasoned campaigner, enjoying a second or more marriage, there’s an array of Barbados vacation rentals on the beach that can deliver that private and romantic base from which you can enjoy those first few exciting weeks as Mr and Mrs Fabulously Happy.

For anyone interested in actually tying the knot on Barbados, there are a number of fabulous vacation rentals Barbados offers that can accommodate a large party who are all joining the happy couple as they formalise their union. For the prohibitive cost of a large wedding at some chilly hotel back home, the immediate family could instead export the whole wedding, for nearest and dearest, to a group of stunning Exceptional Villas. Everyone gets a vacation, the sun is pretty much guaranteed and you have a memorable wedding without all the drama of managing a couple of hundred guests in some prosaic and tweedy hotel back home. Point of View Villa located in the Sandy Lane Estate is an example of a luxurious villa, designed to perfection. The 2-acre site has a large private pool, mature and lush gardens full of tropical plants. Within easy distance of the Sandy Lane Hotel and beach, guests can book the spa and restaurant and enjoy the best of the Hotel but from a nice quiet distance.


For its size, Barbados has quite a number of golf courses. And not just any courses. The Green Monkey golf course at Sandy Lane, designed by Tom Fazio, is considered one of the finest courses in the world. It has earned the moniker “most expensive golf course development … to date” and it’s easy to see why. The spectacular scenery, a challenging layout that ties in some dramatic natural features all sitting next to the uber chic Sandy Lane Resort. It’s really got it all. On top of all the glories of the course, there is a fabulous Club House that offers stunning dining as well as a pro shop that specialises in some of the most prestigious golf branded clothing and accessories. Undoubtedly, The Green Monkey is the course that any keen golfer will want to add to his bucket list!

Sandy Lane’s other course is equally a pleasure to play and for anyone visiting Barbados it’s always recommended that you try both courses – they each have features that charm and challenge players but no one can deny the beauty of the location next to the stunning Sandy Lane beach!

Apes Hill Golf Course, commanding a high altitude on the island, offers dramatic scenery as you make your way round. The beautiful and traditional Royal Westmoreland Golf Club is another picture-perfect course to play and the club house offers lovely dining each evening

The Ocean

Any visit to a Caribbean island paradise involves many dips and trips to the ocean. That’s why we always recommend Barbados homes for rent that sit tantalisingly on or near one of the many stunning beaches of the island. What better way to fully enjoy all of the fun and frolicking to be had in the vast turquoise sea than from a short stroll from your own private terrace. Regardless of having a private pool at your luxury villa, there’s nothing quite like that refreshing splash in the sea each day to invigorate. Atelier Villa overlooking Reeds Bay offers guests that easy access to the sea or simply sit back and enjoy the view from your beautiful private gardens or poolside terrace! The fabulous Footprints Villa in the prestigious Garden area of St James is another beach side option for guests that combines luxury and privacy in the best of locations.

The ever-popular paddle boarding is popular as the gentle ebb and flow of the waters around Barbados make it easy for guests to learn the skill of balancing. It’s great fun and certainly helps to tighten those abs and offset some of the indulgent calories being consumed

Snorkelling is one of the best-loved and easily mastered activities. Kids are really quick studies and are soon moving through the water like mini mermaids or mermen! The aquatic inhabitants and features around Barbados include multi-coloured fish, turtles, some great sea coral, a wreck or two … plenty to explore from near shore. St Peter's Bay Resort is a popular choice for families as it has large communal pools, restaurants, canoes and other water toys for visitors of all ages. Located on the water and within easy access of Holetown this resort has it all.

For anyone not keen on being in the water, boat trips are sometimes a terrific way to see the island from a new perspective. A manned sail or motor cruise around the island, stopping at some quieter beaches for a picnic can be memorable and fun. Sailing back into port at sunset can be that perfect Instagram snap you’ve been searching for! Let Exceptional Villas book this or any other water-based tours for you and your family while in Barbados. We have the best contacts with the most experienced and personable crews that will ensure guests of all ages have a fun day of fishing, swimming and exploring around the coastline of Barbados. You will hear many thrilling stories about pirates and buried treasure although the real treasure of the day won’t be some ‘pieces of eight’ but will instead be the shared memories you bring home with you to one of the luxury vacation rentals in Barbados.


The award-winning Exceptional Villas has for decades been introducing lucky travellers to the beauty and laid-back charm that is Barbados. The Sales and Concierge teams regularly visit the island and review each of the stunning Barbados rental homes that they represent ensuring that standards are always maintained at the highest levels.

The luxury villas generally have in-built staff who have worked for the property for years. This ensures a continuity of service and a personal touch that makes guests feel very much at home from the get-go. The idea of a bespoke holiday is at the forefront of what Exceptional Villas offers its clients. Everything from matching groups with the very perfect villa from which to base their magical holiday to tours, services, experiences tailor-made to suit the needs of the party. All of this is part of the service that has made Exceptional Villas so successful at what it does.

Barbados is that unique combination of old-world charm, modern glamour, laid back fun that captivates everyone. It’s often said that no one ever goes to Barbados just once. It’s an island that lure visitors back to its heavenly shores again and again. So whether you are a romantic couple thinking of matrimony or a honeymoon, a group of golfers wanting to experience the thrill and challenge of these internationally rated courses or a family wishing to strengthen the bonds that unite you, there’s a terrace in Barbados, attached to an exceptional villa waiting to be the scene of many happy hours of relaxation and fun.

Give us a call today and let us introduce you in greater detail to everything that specifically makes Barbados that corner of paradise that’s truly unique and unforgettable.