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Best Time to Visit Barbados

One of the most beloved destinations in the Caribbean is the heavenly island that is Barbados.  In general, we recommend visiting Barbados all year round. However, there are two distinct seasons. We recommend you travel to Barbados in the high season if you are looking to escape the cooler climate back home and are longing for a warmer Caribbean climate. However, if you’re looking for the best value, a quiet location with lots of festivals then go in the low season from end of April until October. Its worth noting the hurricane season in August until October, but Barbados general avoids hurricanes.  To understand the best time to visit Barbados, I am going to set out a list of fabulous things to do on the island and guide you in terms of what months might suit each activity best.

Best Time To Go To Barbados

Lounging in a Hammock

Yes, it is a bona fide activity.  Although you might be just swaying in the balmy breezes on your private terrace, gazing across the turquoise ocean horizon once you have a book in one hand and a rum cocktail in the other you can technically say that you are very ‘active’.  The good news is that all year round you can spend time soaking up the sun in Barbados. 

lounging in a hammock

This tropical destination, is one of those remarkable destinations that enjoys year-round sunny and warm conditions.  The high season that starts end of November and runs through to April is warm and dry.  Temperatures rarely exceed 90 deg and with the soothing trade winds, there is a comfortable aspect to the heat.  Low season follows from end of April to early November.  These months bring a higher chance of rain.  But the ‘rainy season’ in Barbados doesn’t usually involve continuous downpours, for example, like the monsoon seasons of Asia.  It is more of a cloud burst in the afternoon that soon gives way to more sunshine.  Check out this weather gauge and rainfall chart that sets out the temperature and precipitation averages for Barbados.  As you can see, there are very long stretches of sunshine forecast for each month of the year.

The hurricane season that has such a destabilising effect on some of the other Caribbean destinations isn’t a definite or regular feature of life in Barbados.  Sitting outside of the infamous Hurricane Alley, some tropical storms may make land in Barbados but this is usually during the months of August to late October.

So, to recap, is there a best time to visit Barbados weatherwise?  Well, if you want to spend some fruitful time sunning yourself on a gorgeous private villa terrace under some coconut palms, you can do this all year round.  The rental rates generally change from high to low season so there are brilliant opportunities to enjoy a luxurious, five-star villa experience during low season at more affordable prices.  Take a look at any of the Villas Barbados properties and compare the prices in February and June, for instance. 


Christmas in the Caribbean

If you are a prisoner of December snow storms and blizzards across North America or perhaps you are, like me, living in gloomy damp conditions in Europe throughout the winter months, I cannot stress the magical joy of decamping to Barbados for your Christmas vacation.

Anyone who has lived in the Southern Hemisphere understands that turkey still tastes like turkey regardless of whether you are muffled in layers of cashmere in front of a log fire or dressed in a t-shirt and shorts and dining barefoot.  Where Christmas really reaches the pinnacle of perfection in Barbados is in what happens after the long Christmas luncheon.  The hideous collapse in front of bad TV shows with a box of chocolates is replaced by fun on the beach or splashing around your own private pool.  You can shake off the excesses of a delicious Christmas lunch by swimming, snorkelling, paddle-boarding.  Perhaps an ad hoc game of family touch football or soccer along a stretch of crystal white sand.  What a refreshing change from the winter chills.

The essence of any Christmas is really all about celebrating family connections so why not transfer your annual festive get-together to an idyllic villa overlooking a perfect beach.  With most of Exceptional Villas luxury properties having staff who will cook and care for you, it’s easy to create your bespoke version of Christmas for you and your family. 

Christmas in the Caribbean

The Holiday for Polar Opposites

They do say that opposites attract.  I’m not always sure that is the recipe for a ‘happy every after’.  For instance, if you enjoy a lazy beach holiday and your partner wants to take on Everest, you may struggle to find common ground.  The old proverb that asks If a Fish and a Bird fall in Love, where will they Build their Home raises the key questions about how to marry (literally) the holiday desires of two different personalities.

Well, look no further!  Barbados is a neat package of possibilities that offers glamour and sophistication on one hand coupled with quite a bit of action and activity on the other hand.  You and your beloved can divide and conquer and enjoy Barbados separately and together all year round.

If you ladies like some luxurious spa treatments, dress-up glamorous dining with a healthy splash of designer shopping thrown in, then all of this awaits you on the 167 square miles of magic that is Barbados.  Armed with a credit card and your travel documents, you can indulge in some fabulous designer shopping in both Holetown and Bridgetown.  Desirable labels sit side by side with cool beach-wear brands.  You get to make your purchases tax free too.  Why not buy some to-die-for sandals to compliment your glamorous best as you reconnect with your beloved over a romantic candlelit dinner.

And to you guys (or also gals) out there who like a bit of competitive activity, you can take on some fabulous challenges while in Barbados.  Why not learn to scuba dive during your vacation?  The coral reef structures and interesting underwater marine life offshore can be experienced at a whole new level once you get some expert tuition. 

Two people on a beach

Perhaps you like to get your adrenalin pumping.  If so, then head over to the Soup Bowl on the eastern coast of Barbados.   It is a true surfers’ paradise.  The big waves crash in off the Atlantic and this unique beach has hosted some incredible long board competitions over the years.  For less frenetic waves, the southwest coast of Barbados offers the ideal conditions for anyone interesting in mastering the art of long board surfing or just messing around on a boogie board.

Party Time – For all Ages

There is a wonderful laid-back culture in Barbados all year round.  It’s important to get into that chilled, Bajan groove as soon as possible so that you truly extract the maximum amount of relaxation and fun from your memorable holiday in Barbados. 

If you are a couple enjoying a romantic vacation or honeymoon, you can direct your party feet to Holetown where some of the best lounges and night clubs are to be found.  Duke’s Night Lounge in Holetown’s First Street is that ideal club where you can dance or just simply hang out from 10pm until 4am while enjoying quality service in a fashionable environment.  The Red Door Lounge is another late-night establishment that combines banging DJs and memorable cocktails.  A great place to conclude an epic evening. 

Best Time to Visit Barbados

For a more raucous party afternoon or evening (regardless of your age), head over to St Lawrence Gap, known locally as The Gap.  This is a mile-long strip of coastline in the Parish of Christ Church.  Fun restaurants, bars and street vendors make this a lively spot and somewhere to grab a tasty dinner to the sounds of local reggae.  During high season, you will need to book ahead to be sure you get a good table in a prime location.  Exceptional Villas experienced concierge team have all the connections to ensure you get a ring-side seat in the best restaurants to enjoy the spectacle of Barbados letting its hair down.

A side note regarding the calibre of drinks in Barbados.  First of all, Banks Brewery is a local enterprise that creates delicious beers and ales.  Of course, you will get all of the internationally recognised brands too but it’s always worth trying a local favourite too.  For spirit lovers, rum is the local treasure.  Mount Gay distillery has created rums of distinction for over 300 years.  If you are partial to a tipple or two, do try some of the different rums available in Barbados.  They are rather special.

Festival Fever

For a different party theme, you can look to the various festivals that take place around Barbados.  The most impressive and unique is the Crop Over Festival that runs from June to August, culminating in Grand Kadooment Day (3 August 2020).  This is a wild, high-energy carnival experience where local masquerade bands and revellers dressed in feathers and jewels parade through the streets.  The celebrations start at 8am and run all the way through to the evening.  It is a lot of fun!

So, when is the best time to visit Barbados if you are a party enthusiast?  Well, again anytime.  The locals do love to party and having fun isn’t something that goes in and out with the sun or the tide.  Obviously, during school holidays or spring break there may be a larger number of young tourist revellers to be found around The Gap or in the clubs and lounges but Barbados seems to rock all year round!  Saying that, the party vibe is very much centralised in key areas.  You can easily slip off the party grid and have a quiet and blissed-out vacation too.  It’s no surprise that Barbados is known as a Caribbean destination that suits all generations.

Mount Gay rum Barbados

Vacation on a Plate.

Barbados is considered the gourmet capital of the Caribbean.  This accolade has been duly earned as the number of talented chefs and restaurants that are well-established in Barbados is legendary.  The incredible climate creates the perfect conditions for fruit and vegetables to flourish.  Crops of all variety are bountiful and local chefs know how to take the very best of natural ingredients and create mesmerising dishes to suit all palates. 

Added to all of this bounty on the land is an ocean of sumptuous fish.  Every menu on the island contains some delicious offering from the sea.  Freshness and flavour are everything!  From a very casual plate of food enjoyed at a fish fry to a high-end dish served at The Cliff restaurant in St James’s Parish, the ingredients are the star of the show. 

The Lone Star restaurant located in the famous Garden District of Barbados, is one of those landmark establishments that has become a must-visit destination dining experience.  Offering great food, on the beach, from breakfast all the way through to dinner, this is one of the best-loved places to eat. 

The Tides in Holetown in another of those restaurants that seems to be winning the hearts of diners year on year.  There’s no ideal time to visit Barbados to enjoy the best of wining and dining.  The only proviso is that during high season it makes a lot of sense to book your dinner reservations well in advance.  Let us guide you in building an itinerary that combines lazy barbecue nights at home with high-end dining or even a casual stroll around the Fish Fry.  We build your dream holiday unlocking so many wonderful aspects of Barbados just for you.

When do I start Packing?

If you are ready for a holiday that includes lazy beaches and lively bars, gorgeous shops and luxurious spas, divine restaurants and natural wonders, this Caribbean gem has it all.  There is something special happening on this gorgeous tropical island all year round.  You can opt for the busier months of November to April where island tourism is at its zenith or instead choose the more laid back May to August time period when the locals kick back and enjoy end of harvest celebrations.  Even September to November can offer spectacular warm weather and a chance to enjoy another side of Barbados life.  The best time of year to visit Barbados is really a decision for you.  What do you want to get from your Caribbean get-away?  I am pretty sure whatever is on your ‘wish list’ is easily fulfilled by a gorgeous holiday in the jewel of the Caribbean – Barbados!

Cocktail by the beach in Barbados